Car Insurance with Nationwide

Car Insurance with NationwideThere are many people who go with car insurance with nationwide, if only because it’s so recognizable. Many people will recognize the jingle which has the theme “Nationwide is on your side.” Here are few of the pros and cons for car insurance with Nationwide, in addition to some of their other services.

Nationwide Pros:

Financial Stability

One of the biggest pros of going with Nationwide is that they will afford you with some degree if financial stability. The worst is going in with a company that will fail to be around long enough for you to really take advantage of loyalty programs. This applies to car insurance with Nationwide just as much as with several of the other programs they have. For example the company also provides home insurance as well as life insurance. If something happens with your home, you want to be sure that the company backing your home has the money to pay out so that you can get your house repaired or buy a new one as soon as possible.

Nationwide is easily one of the largest insurance companies in America since it’s present in 32 different states as well as the District of Columbia. It’s in the Fortune 500, and not low on the list either. It’s in the top 100. The company has a number of assets that total up to more than 135 billion dollars. It has a number of solid ratings in terms of insurance ranking such as an A+ Superior rating through the AM Best listings. The Moody’s list rates Nationwide as an A1, and the S&P rating for it is an A+. Insurance companies are notoriously unstable, but Nationwide is rock solid.

You can get any insurance you can imagine through Nationwide including life insurance. The stability of the company means that it will likely last long enough to pay out the money you’ve earned through premiums to your children in however many decades it takes for this to happen. This is also a particular problem for many life insurance companies as well. It’s hard to be motivated to get life insurance sometimes when you aren’t sure whether the life insurance company will even be around by the time it’s time for your children to collect. Nationwide offers insurance quotes for motorcycle, boat, auto, renters, homeowners, group medical, farm and pet insurance and even more than that besides.

Mobile and Discounts

The company also offers a number of perks for those who get car insurance with Nationwide, or any other of their insurance offerings. For example, you can use their mobile claims service. This allows you to file a claim online without having to go anywhere in person. The company also offers a number of special discounts as well. An example is for those who have more than one car. There are discounts for those who do well in school, which is called the “good student” discount. There’s a discount for having an anti-theft device, as well as a restraint for passive occupants. The company has a program for forgiving accidents, as well as more generic discounts for loyalty and driving defensively.

Another benefit to the company is that the website is very straight forward. It has a goodly amount of useful information that its customers can be used, and the information isn’t buried deep in the site either, it’s right at the forefront. You can get a free quote right from the main page, and there are even options for locating an agent locally or just a few tips about the different kinds of insurance and products available.

Nationwide Cons:


Despite the discounts available through Nationwide, getting car insurance with Nationwide can be a bit expensive compared to other services. It’s true that the perks and coverage often makes it work out, but the fact remains that it’s an upper level insurance site. After all, the company didn’t get to be one of the largest financial companies in the world through for nothing. Its customers are largely responsible for supporting the company with higher fees. But you get what you pay for, and many people find the service Nationwide proves to be well worth the cost.


Nationwide doesn’t have the highest reviews among customers, since many of them average 3 out of 5 for reviews, which could indicate a problem with customer satisfaction. This could have a lot to do with how Nationwide handles customers over mediums such as snail mail, email, and on the phone. This isn’t to say that the company doesn’t handle everything well legally though, since Nationwide has an A rating still with the Better Business Bureau in the United States. Any company as large as Nationwide is likely to accrue a large number of criticisms of one nature or another over time. This is just natural.

Overall, the company is a solid one when it comes to car insurance. People who don't mind paying a little extra for solid extra features and coverage won't regret getting car insurance with Nationwide. After all, the number of people who do get car insurance with Nationwide is growing rapidly.