Home Insurance with Allstate

Allstate Corporation is one of the biggest insurance carriers in the United States behind GEICO and State Farm. It is also the largest publicly held insurance companies in the U.S. Allstate provides insurance coverage for home and auto. It also offers wealth transfer and various other financial products. Most products and services are available to customers from the company’s website Allstate.com. Allstate insurance products for home coverage include renters, condos, business, landlord packages, mobile home and motor home. Allstate insurance products for autos include motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle, off-road vehicles and motor clubs.

Allstate Home Insurance

Allstate provides various home insurance products with varying coverage options in different states. The rates vary depending on where you live. Allstate home insurance is designed to meet the lifestyles of various customers. Allstate offers the Claim Rate Guard feature, which protects the customer against rate increases due to a claim. It also offers Claim Free Rewards, an extra discount for switching to Allstate without any claims.

Allstate’s home insurance is designed for individual needs. The various factors that determine the customer’s selection of a home insurance product from Allstate include deductible levels, customer’s history, neighborhood, personal properties and the home type. Allstate offers affordable home insurance products by considering these 4 factors into account.

Allstate renters insurance offers lower premiums for existing auto customers, and provides protection for personal property such as valuables, furniture, clothes and electronics. Allstate also reimburses living expenses and offers liability protection and guest medical protection. You can get great rates by combining with other Allstate products.

Allstate offers condo insurance at the best possible rates. The coverage is available for condos and townhomes. Similar to renters insurance, the condo insurance protects the owner with safeguards for personal items such as furniture, electronics and clothes. The product also comes with liability protection if someone is injured or sues the owner. Allstate also provides guest medical protection if someone incurs medical expenses on the property. The condo coverage also offers reimbursement of living expenses if the home becomes uninhabitable, and covers expenses for food, rentals and more.

Allstate also offers other home insurance products such as landlord insurance, which protects your rental property for about $50 per month. Allstate offers coverage for manufactured homes and the coverage includes home and structure protection.

Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate offers a wide range of auto insurance products. Allstate offers high quality auto insurance products with the support of friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents. Allstate makes the products available at Allstate.com and helps customers choose from a large number of options and possible discounts. Allstate’s services include dedicated agents, wide range of roadside assistance services, Allstate value plan, and access to tools and resources such as calculators, apps and deals.

Allstate allows safe drivers to save more with its Driver Wise program with saving up to 30 percent. Allstate also offers a maintenance reminder program to keep your car in great condition. Allstate offers discounts such as safe driver, early signer and good student, among other discounts. Allstate helps customers with all the support needed in case of accident or special circumstances such as handling insurance in a divorce.

Allstate’s auto policy features include the Drivewise mobile application, which tracks your driving habits to offer discounts. The Star Driver app helps parents and teens with the driving habits on the road for young drivers. Allstate offers claim satisfaction guarantee with quality service and personal attention.

Allstate also offers coverage for motorcycles, motor homes and auto glasses. These claims are processed separately from the regular auto claims.

Other Allstate Insurance Products

Allstate offers various other products such as life insurance protection for you and your family. These products include supplemental health insurance, and retirement and savings. Life insurance products include term insurance, universal life insurance and whole life insurance. A female at 35 years of age can get a term insurance for premiums as low as $21 per month.

Allstate offers various products for college, retirements, savings and IRAs. Allstate provides annuity products to build savings, get regular payments and offer a dependable source of income. Allstate offers an IRA or individual retirement account, which offers tax benefits and the ability to accumulate savings regularly. Allstate also offers mutual funds to grow savings, and to depend on professionals to choose the right funds and provide expert advice. Allstate provides college savings plans such as 529, which is state sponsored college savings plan. Allstate helps you pick the right 529 plan for any state, enjoy tax benefits and use the funds from 529 plan for qualified college expenses.