Home Insurance with Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual insurance company is extremely popular for their variety of home insurance products, which include renters, homeowners, condominium, and umbrella personal liability coverage’s. In addition, they have auto and life insurance. This well-rounded insurance mix is what makes Liberty Mutual a sought out insurance provider. Those seeking new insurance or want to switch providers can go through a broker or go directly to LibertyMutual.com to see their options.

Liberty Mutual offers various coverage options, including home, life, and auto insurance. You can bundle these plans to receive excellent discounts. They also offer policyholders additional discounts such as home protection products. If customers are affiliated with one of over 15,000 organizations associated with Liberty Mutual, they receive additional discounts as well.

Many Discounts Available for Homeowners
Even without combining products, homeowners can receive excellent discounts. For starters, if this is a new home less than 13 years old, you may be eligible for a price break. If you purchase a policy within 60 days of closing on an older home, you are still eligible for a discount.

Once you place protection products in your home or have them already installed, such as burglar or smoke alarms, your discounts improve. Any homeowner that does not make any claims and maintains their policy for three years or longer will receive an additional discount.

It’s Easy to Get a Quote
As with most insurance companies, you can use a broker to find out the best deal for you and your family. However, you can go to LibertyMutual.com at any time and get an online quote. Their quote system is recognized as easy and detailed so you can get an accurate quote. They provide clear and simple to follow instructions, so you know exactly what they are asking for. There also is a live chat option to have a Liberty Mutual insurance representative help you along the way. This is a plus as not all providers give you this online option.

Your Claim Process
You not only have access to a 24-hour telephone claims department, but a 24-hour emergency repair department as well. So if you need immediate repairs, Liberty Mutual has you covered. They will send a professional out to you, eliminating your need to find one on your own. You will get to choose among their Contractor Network Referral Program of reliable service providers. This program guarantees the contractor’s work for one year.

Up-To-Date Technology
Liberty Mutual also seems to stay up to date with the latest technology. As homeowners are not always at home, they can use their user-friendly mobile app to access Liberty Mutual’s policy management system. Here, a homeowner can view their policy information on the go, pay their bill, and contact a representative. Just about anything you will do via phone can be done via this app, including initiating a new claim and documenting damages via voice and picture attachments. Of course, their website gives you the opportunity to chat or email representatives.

There Are a Few Disadvantages with Liberty Mutual
As Liberty Mutual insurance does have many exceptional advantages, there are a few disadvantages homeowners would like to see adjusted. Liberty Mutual ranks high with some of the nation’s leading home insurance agencies. They offer an HO8 policy. However, for some reason, Liberty Mutual will not cover an older home that requires this policy. Another disadvantage is that Liberty Mutual does not cover commercial farms and ranches, only those that do not fall under commercial operation.

Liberty Mutual Offers Excellent Auto Insurance Protection
Liberty Mutual is one of the top auto insurance companies nationwide. Their basic coverage plan is the Liberty Guard Auto Insurance and includes comprehensive, liability, theft, and collision, but customers can add additional services if they want. They offer reliable insurance at affordable prices.

Liberty Mutual has some of the greater discounts in their industry as well, such as automatic billing discounts. However, unlike their home insurance discounts, they lack in discounts for military personnel. They have a strong financial rating, so this may be why they are confident and capable of offering their insurance products at a low rate.

Liberty Mutual offers an accident forgiveness policy as well. However, this is not available in CA or NC. Another feature of Liberty Mutual is their new car replacement policy. This is not available in WY or NC.

Their customer service department is efficient as well. Unfortunately, their claims department has had some complaints in regards to getting the approval for customer’s auto repairs.

Liberty Mutual’s Life Insurance & Annuities Products
Liberty Mutual offers both term and permanent life insurance. They offer 10, 20, and 30-year term policies that offer a guaranteed death benefit. This policy however does not build cash value. Liberty Mutual offers Whole and Universal life insurance policies. These both build cash value and allow you to take a policy loan or withdrawal.

If you have an interest in annuities, Liberty Mutual offers four product lines:

1.    Builder Annuity    
2.    Balance Annuity   
3.    Foundation Annuity   
4.    Flexible Payment

These start with a minimum amount of $10,000. These plans are tax-deferred, and you may be eligible for a first-year bonus.

Those wanting more information can check out LibertyMutual.com. If you decide to become a customer, you can find it easy to pay your bills, report or track a claim, or manage your policy once you use their secure Liberty Mutual login page. Liberty Mutual also provides an excellent blog, The Torch, of which prospective and current customers can find useful auto, motorcycle, home, and lifestyle content.