Life Insurance with Amica

Amica insurance offers life insurance as well as home and auto and even renters insurance. It is one of the oldest auto insurance companies in the US. It is a mutual insurance company which means they are owned by the shareholders. Founded in 1907 based on writing policies with lower auto insurance rates.Amica was very successful with auto insurance it added additional lines. Homowner's insurance was added in 1956, personal liability was added in 1970 and life insurance in 1973. The current headquarters are in Lincoln, RI.

Amica insurance has a very high reputation by insurance rating organizations who rate companies according to customer satisfactions, A.M. Best and J.D. Powers both rate Amica as A+ and A++. These ratings are consistent year after year. They also have received other customer service awards year after year and customer praises and positive reviews.

There are also many online reviews of Amica from customers who have had policies for many years. These policy holders have auto policies, life insurance and even renters insurance policies with Amica. The reviews are mixed as would be expected from a long standing company.

The positive reviews are for customer service quality and claim processing. Most customers who had good things to say have been long time customers of Amica Insurance and love them. They have had very good service and have no complaints with the company or the claims process. They all highly regard Amica as a great company with excellent customer service as well as an easy painless claims process. The positive reviews, however, do not note that the premiums are better than other companies. They simply note that they are long standing customers or were inclined to seek out Amica because of their ratings with J.D. Powers and other reviews.

There are many more negative reviews from current or past customers than there are positive reviews. This is very typical from an internet review standpoint as most of the time happy customers do not seek out places to review companies. It is usually customers who have complaints or a bad experience who seek out places to leave their opinions. Some of these customers have valid complaints others may just want to vent even if it is only a small issue. If you read customer reviews and reports of customer ratings, you need to take into consideration that they may or may not be valid or that there could be more to the story than what they are revealing. There are always two sides to a complaint.

Some of the common complaints and negative reviews have to do with poor service from customer support. Others had issues with payments not processing properly and getting cancellation notices. Complaints about claims were also a topic, not that Amica did not pay their claims, but that they were either charged much higher premiums after or that they were canceled after a claim.

These complaints should be taken into some consideration when you are thinking about buying a policy. But they also need to be weighted with other factors such as the positive reviews and the high ratings year after year from unbiased organizations. The organizations that rate and offer the awards that Amica Insurance has received are not customers, they are unbiased private organizations that give recommendations to consumers on many products. Amica Insurance is the oldest insurance company in the US, that alone should hold some positive value that they have good service or they would not have grown and stuck around for many years. Logically, with all factors considered Amica Insurance is a good company that has stood the test of time.